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The death of someone close to you is a very difficult and emotional time when many unfamiliar and important matters need to be dealt with. That is why it is important to make a will appointing an executor who you can trust to administer your estate efficiently and with sensitivity. 

Anyone can administer an estate, but choosing family or friends can cause problems as well as place a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders. For example, there is a risk that they will pre-decease you or be unable or unwilling to act when the time comes. 

Even if they do agree to administer your estate they probably will not have the specialist knowledge to deal with the difficult legal and tax issues that can arise or be able to contend with residuary trusts. There is also a considerable amount of time and administration involved, which can be a huge burden at what is already a very distressing time for them. 

By choosing us as your executor it overcomes the problems that can arise when family and friends are appointed. You also have the reassurance of knowing that your affairs are in the hands of a company with a tradition for client care and good service going back 100 years. All of our staff are trained to a high standard and possess the skills and experience to administer your estate efficiently and sympathetically in accordance with the terms of your will.

Our role 

We handle every aspect of the administration regardless of its size and complexity. This normally includes: 

  • Establishing and assessing the value of the estate 
  • Preparing the appropriate Inheritance Tax accounts and forms 
  • Applying for the Grant of Probate 
  • Collecting the assets and dealing with creditors 
  • Settling the deceased’s income and capital gains tax liabilities 
  • Administering assets at home and abroad, such as property and businesses, until they can be sold or transferred 
  • Transferring legal title to assets to the beneficiaries 
  • Preparing the estate income and capital gains tax return and settling the tax due 
  • Providing tax information to the residuary beneficiaries 
  • Preparing comprehensive estate accounts 

Contact details:

Personal Trusts Team 
+44 (0)20 3367 8200