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The increasingly competitive market means the need for companies to effectively manage investor relations is becoming ever more critical for success.

With limited resource and increasing demand, teams and individuals responsible for investor relations (IR) face a real challenge – this is where we can help.

Our solution

Our consultants based in the UK and Poland partner with you to achieve the best investor relations programme for your business. Our service can be tailored to meet your requirements and includes:

  • Shareholder analysis
  • Investor targeting
  • Perception studies
  • Sector and market intelligence
  • Proxy solicitation
  • Bondholder/id analysis
  • Web IR+.

In conjunction with our new sister company Orient Capital, the largest analyser of share registers globally and the dominant provider of equity ownership analytics, we support listed companies in multiple markets.

If you are experiencing resource issues you can also outsource part of your investor relations functions. Our dedicated consultants can manage your CRM –from diarising your meetings to logging your events and adding feedback.

What makes us different?

With the option of having your registrar and investor relations in one place, we are uniquely positioned to create reports which let you know who is buying and selling shares in your company at a more efficient rate than any other provider – and also give you transparency on trades that affect your share price.

Additionally, with direct access to the raw data behind the register extracts, we can identify stock lending activity and trades that may affect the share price. 

Contact details:

Steve Lemka – Managing Director, Investor Relations
+44 (0)20 7954 9561