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We provide specialised Depositary Interest (DI) services for overseas companies to raise 
capital through the London equity markets.
Trading on one of the world’s leading exchanges will not only make your company more attractive to investors but can also have a big impact on the liquidity of your stock. 

What is a DI?

  • Under UK law, international shares cannot be handled directly in CREST 
  • DIs are issued by Link and are created under an English law trust deed 
  • They can be used by any company regardless of market capitalisation, depending on local jurisdictional legal restrictions 
  • Shares are listed (not the DI) – UK listing / listing rules apply 
  • DIs are issued on a 1:1 basis and use the same ISIN as the underlying shares 
  • No cost to shareholder with full shareholder visibility given to company 
  • Different structures used dependent upon local laws and deal requirements i.e. dual listings. 

Our solution

  • Set-up and management of the registration process from start to finish 
  • Assistance with legal framework and opinions required by Euroclear 
  • Robust ‘new market’ due diligence and set-up process 
  • Seamless, efficient transition to CREST with little or no disruption 
  • Electronic settlement on the London equity markets - Main Market, AIM and SFM 
  • Use of standard CREST instructions including proxy voting and dividend distribution. 
  • We were the first company in the UK to provide this service and it is now used by companies domiciled in over 25 jurisdictions around the world.

Contact details:

Katherine Taylor 
Head of Corporate Advisory 
+44 (0)20 7954 9667