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We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to act in the capacity of Authorised Fund Manager (AFM) and can provide independent Authorised Corporate Director (ACD), Authorised Contractual Scheme (ACS) Operator and Authorised Unit Trust Manager (AUTM) services for investment managers who are looking to manage client assets within UK regulated funds. 

We are the UK’s dominant provider of independent AFM services, having built significant market share over the last ten years. We have achieved this by delivering highly flexible tailored fund solutions to a diverse range of financial services businesses, encompassing investment managers, private wealth managers, private banks, investment banks and other asset owners.

Our key services 

Provision of the legal / regulatory entity appropriately authorised by the FCA: 

  • Meeting capital requirements 
  • Robust compliance capability. 

Maintaining good practical working relationship with stakeholders: 

  • FCA 
  • Auditors 
  • Multiple trustees/depositaries 
  • Multiple custodians 
  • Distribution community, including platforms 
  • Investment Association (IA).

Production and maintenance of appropriate regulatory documentation: 

  • Prospectuses 
  • Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) 
  • Report and Accounts 
  • Trust deed (AUTs) or instruments of incorporation (OEICs) 
  • Investor circulars.

Risk management responsibility: 

  • Regulatory
  • Oversight risk of administration and pricing 
  • Investment management and portfolio oversight. 

Fund administration: 

  • As an integral part of our AFM service offering we undertake fund administration services to the funds; primarily fund accounting and transfer agency solutions.

Why us? 

As a fund manager working with us you will benefit from: 

  • Our experience – we are a leading European provider of business process management and integrated support services, and pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of independent management company and full fund administration services. We have operations in various locations throughout Europe, and can work with boutique to larger firms and accommodate a range of asset classes and investment strategies. 
  • Our independence – as we’re not a bank, investment manager, law or accountancy firm, we’re free to consider a wide range of products and services without any such conflicts of interests. And with nothing to influence our choices, we can tailor solutions to meet our clients’ needs and objectives 
  • A long term partnership – we take pride in building long term partnerships with our clients and develop our services as your requirements change.

Contact details:

Ed Hamilton-Russell – Head of Business Development
+ 44 (0)20 7204 7843

Hamish Archibald – Associate Director & Head of Sales
+44 (0)20 7954 9571