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Escrow arrangements provided by a neutral third party provider are an effective way of mitigating risk. 

We offer a range of escrow trust services to suit your business requirements, along with independent expertise and rapid turnaround in every type of situation.

Cash accounts can be held offshore or onshore, depending on client and transaction requirements.

Cash and securities are held by a clearing bank that we have appointed and / or our sub-custodian under the terms of our standard form escrow trust agreement. This agreement is available to transaction parties to expedite the escrow process and to gain efficiencies in terms of reducing contract negotiation time.

Our overall aim is to implement a process that is both smooth and as efficient as possible for all parties concerned.


  • Simple, straightforward, smooth and efficient processes
  • Quick account opening process – in just a few days
  • No minimum time periods or fixed periods - from one day to much longer
  • No minimum size holdings
  • The account is held as a client account with no co-mingling of funds / assets
  • No active investment
  • No pressure to take other banking or investment services

Our services

Escrow arrangements are commonly used in the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Project finance
  • Capital raising
  • Litigation settlement funds
  • Real estate and construction
  • Pension scheme funding
  • International trade finance

As an independent escrow trust services provider we will:

  • Operate escrow trust accounts for GBP, Euro, USD and other main currencies
  • Provide bespoke form escrow agreements tailored to clients’ needs
  • Undertake regular reconciliations of the escrow holdings
  • Complete due diligence documentation

Why choose us?

You will benefit from our extensive resources and expertise in corporate, debt, shareholder, fund and private client solutions We hold escrow assets as trustee, not as banker. As we’re not a bank, investment manager, law or accountancy firm, we’re free to consider a wide range of products and services without conflicts of interest. And with nothing to influence our choices, we can tailor solutions to meet your needs and objectives.

Contact details:

Gary Burns
Head of Business Development
+44 (0)7736 494 640

Andrew Hemmings
Senior Business Development Manager
+44 (0)207 397 6307
 44 (0)7935 513 343

Mike Walsh
Business Development Executive
+44 (0)7712 430 306