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Loan servicing

AgencyReport dateReview yearCurrent raitings
FitchNovember 20162016Master ServicerCMS1-
Primary ServicerCPS1-
Special ServicerCSS2+
Resi Primary Servicer CommercialRPS2+
Resi Special ServicerRSS2
S&P2016Ireland - Primary, Special and Master ServicerAbove average
UK - Primary, Special and Master ServicerAbove average

Mortagage servicing

Agency Report dateReview yearCurrent ratings
FitchJanuary 20162016Residential PrimaryRPS2 - Prime UK
RPS2- Sub-Prime UK
Residential SpecialRSS2- UK

Commercial:CPS2- UK Small Loans
CSS2- UK Small Loans
S&PFebruary 2016Residential Loan ServicerAbove average
Residential loan special ServicerAbove average
Commercial Loan ServiceAbove average
Commercial loan special ServicerAverage