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Core servicing systems

Our core mortgage servicing platform is supported by deep integration into our case management, origination, imaging, reporting and financial systems. A system development license and dedicated internal development team have allowed us to enhance and add to functionality according to the changing requirements of the business and clients. 

Through its intuitive user friendly interface, all of our residential, commercial, buy-to-let, equity release and second charge loans are serviced on a platform which allows us to manage the complete lifecycle of a loan from completion to redemption. Our system is flexible enough to manage the needs of multiple clients. 

Through our systems we provide invaluable up to date information on each mortgage account; from
this we produce reports to monitor the status of individual accounts and the performance of entire pools. 

All data is processed within this system. Each user has a unique user id allocated; this provides a clear audit trail of user activity. Access is defined by an individual’s role and responsibility, which means controlled access to portfolio, accounts, customer data and document templates.

We have experience of boarding portfolios from a wide range of source systems from individual loans pre-completion right through to mature pools of tens of thousands of loans.

Case management systems

Our case management system is an internally hosted web based case management system which allows all administration tasks to be viewed, completed, tracked, checked and reported on. This system provides user and supervisor access for improved controls, and provides real time information relating to existing and completed work items. 

Not only is all administration completed through the system, it provides a platform to measure quality, productivity and adherence to SLAs. These functionalities not only drive efficiency but give more reporting, audit and compliance controls. 

Real time reporting is available to team leaders and managers, and daily reports give details of items waiting to be processed and items outside of SLA.

Additional services

Our originations platform and specialist reporting tools:

  • Imaging
    Our imaging systems are integrated with the core servicing and case management systems, providing efficient access to all relevant documents for account or work item.
  • Origination
    Our originations platform is a web based system that can be used by clients wherever they are in the world. It links with our servicing, imaging and reporting systems for a seamless client experience.
  • Reporting
    Our reporting systems are used to deliver meaningful information to our internal and external clients on all aspects of loans we service including oversight of mortgage services. Our specialist reporting tool reports directly from the servicing, case management and origination systems.