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Our people include lending and recovery experts, credit and property personnel and legal and financial advisors, offering a complete perspective across the loan lifecycle.

We are able to work with a range of facilities including loans, bonds and private placements.

Our clients are typically lenders or investors, both traditional and non-traditional, who seek yield through secured and unsecured credit. This includes a range of financial service organisations, from banks, pension funds and insurers to private equity firms and hedge funds. We assist them by providing a range of administrative services relating to the monitoring and repayment of asset-backed debt, allowing them to manage their debt and underlying assets effectively. 

This can be in the form of simple bilateral deals right through to the most complex structured finance transactions, with the ability to adapt to take on as much or a little delegated authority as the client requires.

We service more than 10 asset classes, including:

  • Commercial and residential real estate loans and mortgages
  • Non-performing loans (NPLs)
  • Infrastructure
  • Renewable energy
  • Asset finance.

Our client facing asset managers provide a single point of contact for each portfolio to facilitate all elements of relationship management, ensuring quick access to key information and reporting, whilst dedicated, scalable teams of subject matter experts manage day-to-day operational activities. This includes account management, financial modelling, payment processing and waterfall management, reporting, insurance and KYC monitoring.

We are the only loan servicer in the market able to offer a truly end-to-end solution in both the primary and secondary markets, helping our clients to streamline operations and manage costs effectively.

Our independent status helps us to minimise conflicts of interest and we are highly rated by both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch for both our commercial and residential servicing capabilities.

Our well invested administration and payment platform, and operating model ensure we remain agile and innovative allowing us to respond to and evolve with the fast changing financial services market place and the challenges that brings.

Contact us

Peter Walker
+44 (0) 7990 503 761

Tim Schuy - Business Development Director
T:  +44 20 7397 4595 

Bryan O’ Connor - Head of Business Development (Ireland), Banking and Credit Management
T: +353 1 224 0889

Alan Dalton - Business Development Manager (Ireland), Banking and Credit Management
T: +353 (1) 2240717

Primary/master servicing

We provide primary servicing for a range of financial service organisations, from building societies to specialist lenders, private equity firms and hedge funds. We also manage the day to day loan operations including engagement with customers including account management and payment processing.

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Back up servicing

European asset-backed security (ABS) issuance has grown in recent years and demand for high quality ABS is now huge.

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Renewable energy

Whether taking a first step into the renewables sector through acquisition or origination, or outsourcing an existing administration function, we offer a full suite of loan services to make it easier to access this growing market. We offer support for lenders and investors from the construction and development phase, into the ongoing operational phase, right through to decommissioning, where applicable.

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Banks that are weighed down by non-performing assets find it hard to attract new capital for new lending; they must make provisions for the risk of losses and regulators require more capital to be set aside by banks as a buffer for the risk that losses will crystallise and threaten the banks’ solvency.

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We provide a full suite of loan services for infrastructure investments, offering a tailored solution for both traditional and alternative investors regardless of size and experience.

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Our origination support team offers lenders a complete end-to-end mortgage origination service across a range of products across all types of residential and commercial mortgages.

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