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The Link Asset Services Speak Up Policy sets out the core requirements that all Link Asset Services businesses and their employees must comply with. Speaking up refers to the disclosure by an employee of serious concerns in relation to acts that have taken place or are likely to take place within Link Asset Services to a line manager, senior manager, Speak Up channel or to prescribed persons. 

The policy sits within the wider range of ‘group’ level values, ethical commitments, policies, standards and guidance which collectively set out the expectations of how Link Asset Services operates, the conduct expected of Link Asset Services employees and businesses, and the processes and procedures that must be followed to ensure Link Asset Services adheres to legislation and regulation.

Link Asset Services is committed to deliver its services with integrity, does not tolerate business malpractice and illegal activities and encourages a culture of active listening by supporting employees to raise any concern openly at any time in confidence.

Employees are encouraged to speak up in relation to matters of individual and business malpractice and/or illegal activities as soon as possible, regardless whether it is covered by the protected disclosure definition. There is no expectation that employees investigate these concerns to prove their validity.

Link Asset Services is committed to ensuring that no one suffers any detrimental treatment as a result of reporting a genuine concern, in good faith, under the Speak Up process. Link Asset Services may take action against any employee who acts or attempts to act in a prejudicial way towards a person who is preparing to make or made a protected disclosure. 

[updated: January 2018]