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We recognise that our day to day activities impact on the environment. We wish to minimise any harmful impacts wherever and whenever practicable, and will work to secure business benefit from environmental protection across all our operations worldwide.

Link Asset Services is committed to the prevention of pollution and will work to minimise the impact of its operations worldwide through a continual improvement program.

In particular, we will:

  • Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimising waste, and recycling where possible
  • Comply with all applicable local, national and international environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe
  • Meet our duty of care requirements in relation to waste by ensuring the safe keeping, transportation and subsequent recovery or disposal of waste
  • Use recycled materials whenever these can be commercially justified
  • Keep transport use to a minimum and regularly service vehicles to maintain their efficiency
  • Integrate environmental and sustainability considerations and positive impacts into our projects and practices

To achieve these we will:

  • Communicate this policy to all employees and those working on our behalf.
  • Allocate sufficient financial and managerial resources 
  • Measure, monitor and report on our environmental performance via required energy reduction schemes.
  • Review our policy on a regular basis to take account of new developments in environmental management and legislation.
  • Perform periodic audits of our activities to ensure compliance with company requirements, legislation and policy requirements.

Link Asset Services recognises that the effective implementation of the policy represents an opportunity to improve the performance of the business by reducing environmental risks and impacts, and increasing the efficiency of our operations.

[Updated: November 2017]