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Now more than ever, it is essential for companies to lever all the corporate governance tools at their disposal to tell their story, explaining their governance so that investors and stakeholders alike understand how their model creates growth for shareholders and why they are good corporate citizens.

The 2018 UK and European proxy season demonstrated that corporate governance continues to evolve toward greater accountability by boards, not only toward their shareholders but also toward the wider stakeholders affected by them. If corporate governance is healthier today, the demands on listed companies continue to grow, especially in a more prescriptive environment.

If the aim of further regulation is to better align investor and issuer perspectives on corporate governance, how well have previous national attempts on legal intervention faired?

To answer this question, D.F. King selected four European countries with different regulatory regimes on corporate governance overall and executive remuneration in particular. These were the United Kingdom and Switzerland, two countries with early but very different legal implementations of binding compensation; France, which enacted their remuneration policy vote legislation only in 2017, with full implementation in 2018; and Germany, the only one of the four without a binding vote on remuneration. Separately, we also cast our eyes over the Belgian and Spanish markets, assessing the key trends for issuers.

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